Kiln Dried Logs & Firewood

Cosy Fire Logs offer you amazing quality kiln dried logs & firewood at low prices.

Our kiln dried logs & firewood are from sustainably managed forests in the EU.

The timber used:

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Beech
  • and other hardwoods

These logs are of consistently outstanding quality which you will find hard to beat!

Burning kiln dried logs is better for your stove, better for your chimney and better for your pocket. Our logs are Kiln Dried to approximately 20% moisture. They light easily, burn slowly and efficiently with minimum draught, so you get more heat from your stove and less heat is lost up your chimney.


No Wet Logs!

Damp or poor quality logs are harder to light and produce less heat. They need more draught to keep them burning, this means the small amount of heat you do get from the logs is lost up the chimney. The more you open the draught control on your stove to make the logs burn the more heat is wasted up the chimney giving less heat output from your stove.

Seasoned logs may be cheaper to buy but how dry are they? Often, not very dry at all. So don’t waste your money on wet or poor quality logs.

Cosy Fire Logs – Customer Warning…

Beware of purchasing logs sold in builders bags or dumpy bags!
A lot of log merchants call these bags one metre bags but often they are not.

A standard builders bag holds approximately 0.7 of a cubic metre of logs and that is only if the bag is filled right to the top! This is loose volume and is equal to only half a cubic metre of logs stacked in one of our crates.